September 15, 2016

Career and Partnership


Obix Technology company match the right IT professional with the right openings. This is more than profile matching. It is a skill! We understanding our customer’s needs, understanding the interests and skills of our staff, and making good associations. Our success is the culmination of years of experience, process and methods refinement, and the effective use of state-of-the-art recruiting solutions.

We assist organizations with fulfilling their technical staffing requirement needs.

To recruit, hire, and retain successful IT consultants. Find a position here.

Our proven process does not include pushing resumes – We do proactive recruiting, relationships, and treating people the right way.

Obix Technology professionals will analyse your case accordingly and provide you with the right response and actions as listed below:

  • Accurately understand your needs
  • Discover prospective candidates for your company
  • Pre-screen & Qualify all candidates (Personality and Technical backgrounds)
  • Deliver the right candidate to you
  • Add value as your staffing solution partner

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With great drive to provide innovative cutting edge solutions that is extremely scalable and meeting up with the trends, we at Obix know that fact that there are increasing potentials in many areas and works of life in different countries of the world, and we know that there are needs to meet up with the high demand for great services in the area of IT and ICT solutions.

Because of these above conditions, we are always open for partnership with new entrepreneurs and innovators who need support and workable platforms that will make them succeed, we therefore do not relent in presenting such platform in partnership and beyond that.

We also encourage investors who want to invest with us for greater outputs in our products and services and obvious profit maximization.

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Internship Opportunity

At Obix Technology, we create opportunities for new graduates to work with our experienced, highly trained professionals in order to practice what they had studied in universities and colleges and put them into practical experience in the real world.

During our internship programs, Obix Technology staff would expose the intern to orientation processes where they are introduced to the ethics of the company and also taught on how to handle jobs assigned to them as well as customer service relationship skills. Interns are taught the best way to handle our highly esteemed customers and bring satisfaction to their door steps.

Interns after the agreed and required period of time are allowed to choose to work for us or to leave to work for other companies, or also start their own enterprises with our maximum support.

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